iptables: tcp conntrack logging

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I want to write an extended logging of TCP-Connections: iptables -A

LOGTCP should just be a copy of ipt_LOG.c:

/* --------copy------------
static void dump_packet(const struct ipt_log_info *info, const struct
sk_buff *skb, unsigned int iphoff)
struct tcphdr _tcph, *th;

/* Max length: 10 "PROTO=TCP " */
printk("PROTO=TCP ");
--------copy------------ /*

And here [*] I want to call some functions from tcp_conntrack:
printk("tcp_in_window, sender->td_end, sender->td_maxend,
sender->maxwin, receiver->td_end, receiver->td_maxend,

The problem: I just don't know how to access these values from there.
ip_conntrack_get gives me a pointer to nowhere. I looked through
several other modules, but didn't find the idea to get started.

Re: iptables: tcp conntrack logging

Thomas Kling wrote:
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You might want to take that up on the netfilter list.
Resently, there's been several good discussions on logging.

Bear in mind that logging easily becomes too much of a performance
problems, since it'll be done through syslog.
Some have suggested using sniffers to catch unpleasenties. YMMV...

Kind regards,
Mogens Valentin

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