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I use ipcop as my internet gateway on my home lan.
Additionally I use the "banish" add-on
(http://ww2.banish.sidsolutions.net:8081 /) to add additional  iptables rules
( other than via banish  I do not really know how to use iptables.)

This allows me to to restrict (from the ipcop gateway) access to or from a
specific resource - such things as
prevent all home lan pcs accessing  a specific resource (eg -
or a homelan PC (eg or its mac address) accessing the internet

What I cannot do is prevent just a specific home pc accessing another
eg prevent just  accessing

Can using iptables allow me to easily do this...
if so can someone show me the cmd line to restrict/allow access to facebook
(then I can perhaps then cron them).

thanks for your help

Re: iptables, ipcop, facebook

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You might want to try BOT which can be found here http://blockouttraffic.de /


Re: iptables, ipcop, facebook

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Thanks - BOT looks like it could do what I want (create a rule which
specifies the combination of both the source on the LAN & destination
internet address, and additionally have the rule applied at specific times
but if I've read it right it seems to start with the premise of not allowing
any green to red traffic (until explicitly allowed), rather than the default
IPCop of trusting all outward traffic.

I understand this is the most secure approach... but is there a simple way
in BOT to reverse it (ie keep the IPCOP default of trusted from green) and
then apply a few rules to restrict specific outward bound traffic (eg to
facebook etc at specific times)?

thanks again

Re: iptables, ipcop, facebook

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009 01:22:01 +0000, andy smith wrote:

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Yes, IPTABLES can allow you to do this.  Using your example above;

iptables -I INPUT -i <interface> -s -d

Change <interface> with the interface that comes in on and it
will block it.



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Re: iptables, ipcop, facebook

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thanks - I'll give it a try!

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