iptables: how to redirect VNC port to an external IP

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Hi to all,

I would like to redirect the VNC port to another PC which has a PUBLIC
IP address and it does not belong to my network; herewith an example:

My PC where I'm running iptables:
The PC where runs VNC: 80:56:192:175

both of them are public address.

I would like that when I try to connect by VNC to the IP,
iptables redirect the connection to the PC with the IP 80:56:192:175.

I tryed the following settings:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 5900 -j
DNAT --to 80:56:192:175:5900

It doesn't work because probably I'm trying to use the NAT for and
"external" connection, I tryed also the option REDIRECT, but with this
one, I can just redirect port for the same IP.




Re: iptables: how to redirect VNC port to an external IP

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