Iptables and Script to make it possible (Help me please)

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Hello i need to to NAT with DNAT and i think SNAT too.
this is my lan (attached to a file)

this is my situation

Server Linux running RedHat 9 shrike
with this configuration

eth0 (two aliases)
eth0:0 IP:

eth0:1 IP:

eth1   IP:

ppp0  PPPoE used over eth1 to connect linux server to internet


eth0   IP:;;

LAN: subnet:

so i want to do NAT over my LAN, it means a client wich ip is for example could have full acces to internet
but all incoming packets comes from ppp0 at theses ports 27015 27016
27017 and port 80 have to DNAT to ip address and i guess
SNAT too, to my W2k server

i don't know how to do the script to make it possible, could you lend
me a hand please.-

Guillermo Javier Nardoni
Estudiante de Ing. en Sistemas
Tel: 03402-15540590

Re: Iptables and Script to make it possible (Help me please)

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I just had to learn this too. What helped me was the docs here ->

http://www.netfilter.org /

They have alot of howto's. The one on NAT should work for you nicely, if you
already know shell scripting. If not, it's not hard to learn either. You only
need basic shell constructs to make an effective firewall/NAT'er.

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