IPsec in the tunnel mode

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I have two Linux machines (SUSE 10.1) and I can ping each other.
I created IPsec policies in the transport mode and that works.
Now I am trying to alter my IPsec policies and make this work in the
tunnel mode but this fails.

Ping returns following message:

ping: sendmsg: No such process

I am using following for spdadd:

spdadd FEC0::42F1:206:5BFF:FE29:9DE6 FEC0::42F3:250:DAFF:FE5B:9891
icmp6 -P out
ipsec esp/tunnel/FEC0::42F1:206:5BFF:FE29:9DE6-
spdadd FEC0::42F3:250:DAFF:FE5B:9891 FEC0::42F1:206:5BFF:FE29:9DE6
icmp6 -P in
ipsec esp/tunnel/FEC0::42F3:250:DAFF:FE5B:9891-

Please let me know if you notice some error with the spdadd command.


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