HPN SSH patches on Fedora and/or RHEL

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I've downloaded the development SRC RPM of OpenSSH-4.5p1 (
openssh-4.5p1-2.fc7.src.rpm) and I'd like to apply the HPN patches

http://www.psc.edu/networking/projects/hpn-ssh /


They don't apply cleanly, and I'm a little new to the *.spec file and
RPM build environment.  So, after a while of pulling my hair out, I
figure it may be useful to ask here, to see if anyone else has
accomplished this.

My intention is to install this version of OpenSSH under /usr/local -
run that on a different port, to utilize the high performance tweaks.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I have both RHEL and Fedora as well as Solaris in my environment for
which I potentially want to use this.


Re: HPN SSH patches on Fedora and/or RHEL

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*DO NOT* leave old SSH vesions in /usr/local and RPM's or other
installations in /usr if you do this. This will lead to endless
confusion, as will the difference in the default locations of the
configuration files. (RedHat uses /etc/ssh/., the OpenSSH source code
uses /usr/local/etc or /etc depending on your setup.) If you've got
package managed tools, cooperate with the package management so it can
correctly report dependencies or conflicts.

Patching SRPM's is usually pretty straightforward: why not take a
careful look at the patch failures and adjust your patches to work
with with 4.5p1? What are the patch failures saying, anyway?

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