How to quash "default context" question when su'ing?

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I'm running CentOS 4.2 with SELinux enabled.  I have a piece of
software (matlab) that requires the presence of a license and a
corresponding license server daemon in order to run.  I start the
license manager at boot time in /etc/rc.local with the command:

/usr/local/matlab14.2/etc/lmstart -c
/usr/local/matlab14.2/etc/license.dat -u matlab -l

The "-u matlab" switch causes the daemon to run as the user "matlab"
(which is a non-priviledged user account that I created just for this
daemon).  During boot time when this command is executed, presumably
there's an su matlab going on.  At that point, SELinux asks the
following question:

 Your default context is user_u:system_r:unconfined_t.

 Do you want to choose a different one? [n]

It waits for an answer, thus requiring me to be present at a reboot.
The default security context is fine.  I'd prefer not to be asked this
question.  How do I get SELinux and/or su to not ask this question?



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