How to authenticate dialup users

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  We're developing an application that allows users to login via a web site
to query information, and also to establish a dial-up connection to the
company to upload information (it's a requirement to be this way). The
problem I'm facing is trying the password for the web interface to be the
same that for the dial-up connection, so that when users change the
passsword it changes for both accesses. At first, I thought about using
freeradius for interacting with the cisco access server and the Oracle
database of the system, but I had no luck with the freeradius-oracle
  Can anyone give me some advice?
  Thanks in advance,


Re: How to authenticate dialup users

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Using a Radius server is the standard way to do this. I found this
regarding an Oracle backend with FreeRadius. %

Failing that, you could look at one of the proprietary Radius servers. I
believe Funk Software recently announced a Linux version of their "Steel
Belted Radius" server product. How easily it can be integrated with an
Oracle database, I don't know.


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Re: How to authenticate dialup users

We currently use XTRADIUS with PostgreSQL to authenticate dial-up users.
The link between XTRADIUS is a Perl script, which I think could be
modified to talk to Oracle.

I can supply the Perl script if needed.

Re: How to authenticate dialup users

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, chabral wrote:

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Certainly you need a RADIUS server that will talk to an SQL backend.

FreeRADIUS is a very good example however and it will allow you to use
multiple methods of talking to your backend data source. Talking to Oracle
may not be standard in the distribution of freeRADIUS however adding
support should be fairly easy. You do have the source code.

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