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dear linux experts,
please help? i installed alinux server woks in fedora core 4,works as
afirewall and asquid caching server...iam sure that my work was right
the server works fine and caching....but i face aproblem and need
it seems the hosts have alot of viruses,so when some hosts work they
some times get the whole network down and squid gives error
messages,and some times the network works fine....i wish to solve those
problems from the linux server instead of cleaning the hosts of windows
from the viruses.....may this happen? i disabled the icmp from the
linux box but i think this didn't help....another question
please....some people say that there are worms made for the private
networks only so if you work with real ips this will be please and thanks for your help...

Re: help with squid

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This isn't a Linux problem. Best idea would be running Linux on
all systems, to save you work setup a LTSP ( )

If you insist on running doze you need to firstly clean out
virus/malware from the systems. This includes IE + Outlook, most
virus/malware targets them, some say they are virus/malware on
their own.

Now install firefox/mozilla and use this for surfing + mail, you
have reduced the risk of new problems in a second about 80-90%.

There are a few things squid can do for you, like Squidguard and
Dansguard (see below URL), this needs lots of work and can't
guarantee anything but you'll have much more success with
removing IE + Outlook firstly.

It doesn't sound as if it would be possible to educate your users
at all? More like they'd happily click on anything and wonder
later they did brought down their own system and perhaps the rest
of your network to a grinding halt.

Many crap comes as mail, running virus protection + SA
(SpamAssassin) on your MTA and dropping/rejecting the crap should
help in addition.

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Not a good idea to disable icmp messages.

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Doesn't really matter, as outlined to yourself a big favor and
remove the No. 1 reason for catching all the crap.

Good luck

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Re: help with squid

thanks mr:Michael for your help,i will check the links you mentioned,i
just reply now to say thanks for your help.

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