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Hello to all,  This is somewhat off-topic but it does relate to anon
server function, things like TOR, Freenet and the var. SSL web proxy
sites. I am looking for some very general, basic thoughts on putting
together a system (around $750) which will function well as both a
secure desktop and as a Freenet (or similar) node. My experience is ten
years with an old Mac PPC machine (OS9) and decent exposure to Windows.
I do not wish to use any ms products, thus will intend to install any
of: Solaris 10, Novell/SUSE, FreeBSD or other variants. My geek skills
are only beginner-to-moderate, though with lots of experience with
electronics. I favor the AMD64 single-core for my intended uses. There
are a lot of aspects to setting up a secure client/server, most of which
I have very poor knowledge. So any comments on usability, stability of
either an OS you favor or any hardware thoughts (like, is RAID a good
idea for Tor or Freenet?) will be vastly appreciated.

encrypt at will,  b

Re: hardware question please

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The big difference is that the fixed IP and I have basically three
ways available to defend other actions brought by spammers against
people who would like to see what tomfoolery this latest eelbash
tail chasing session might provide. Quite amusing actually. Oh for
GOD'S sake eelbash you gotta be kidding! You mean you don't know
whether Panta reads this group regularly, may be I need to know
the IPs of the account as part of the remops the password becomes
known to somebody outside of the "problems" people have trouble
because they don't, or can't follow the intructions as they now

Re: hardware question please

Vincent--thanks for the great info. this is amazing stuff. apparently
Intel chips with VM will be susceptiple to such attack, as well, until
countermeasures can be developed. even though I won't be using win/ms in
any form, it seems Linux will be subject to the same sort of
hardware-based intrusion. I'll have to look at older AMD
processors(Athlon XP?) and maybe PPC or some other processor as I want
to avoid the specter of the Blue Pill. Thanks for scaring me!

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