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Hey can someone give me some pointers on how I can attack a total
vulenerable linux operating system!
Please note this is strictly for study purpose only, and part of one of
my assignments.

We need to install red hat 9 and either install some basic firewall
rules or leave it in its default stage. we then need to atleast launch
3 attacks on the system. Well i figured one simple one would be the
ping of death attack, but i need some pointers on other types as well
and HOW to actually launch those atacks. I know some in theory but
practically i havnt tried or even know how to do it.

It would be great if anyone can help out


Re: Hacking Linux

On Sun, 01 Oct 2006 23:51:32 -0700, neil.bosh wrote:

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sure, a few simple steps really

1.  set your vulnerable Linux box on a sturdy surface
2.  take an 8lb. maul in both hands
3.  apply maul vigorously to the box
4.  go find another hobby


Re: Hacking Linux

neil.bosh@gmail.com said the following on 2006-10-02 08:51:
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If it's an assignment, I'm pretty sure it's _your_ job to find out how
to launch the attacks. JFGI.

Jon Solberg (remove "nospam" from email address).

Re: Hacking Linux

well u can try ping of death attack..which u have alreadty
mentioned...well you can basically do this by:
ping -l 65510 your.host.ip.address

basically u can read about ping of death thing from the internet !!!

You can also go for password based attack..dictionary attacks..by using
some softwares such as the ones you can get it from here

http://www.openwall.com/john /

well this software would not be much use in the real world as it just
does some simple dictionary attacks but..since u say it is for your
study purpose only..which i hope so..well u can get these from the net
anyway...so i was saying that this software lauches attacks on simple
english based words and good for the presentation purpose:

Enjoy !!

this is to Jon and the previous knuckle head..well basically the first
guy needs to find himself another hobby..rather than wasting posts in
the forums..and to jon..stating that the original poster should try to
do his own homework..i think it was clear he was doing exactly that..he
just asked for help.he didnt ask u to do and submit it for them. Well i
dnt know..but maybe forums well established to help..dnt u think so..if
not stay off the the forums...

Re: Hacking Linux

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From: neil.bosh@gmail.com

From: shaun.inevitable@gmail.com

Why are you having a public conversation with yourself?

Re: Hacking Linux

ynotssor wrote:
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dude..having two post coming out of the same ip address doesnt
neccesary mean it came from the same person !!!...do u think i dnt know
you can actually find out the source ip address of the poster...but
then again think whatever u may...

Re: Hacking Linux

On Mon, 02 Oct 2006 18:40:27 -0700, shaun.inevitable wrote:

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Re: Hacking Linux

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You're only fooling yourself.

Re: Hacking Linux

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Why don't you answer ''neil's'' question, then, ''shaun''. !!!  Who
knows, he might be the only person on earth who could find it


(try just my userid to email me)
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Re: Hacking Linux

ynotssor said the following on 2006-10-02 18:57:
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How come I'm not surprised?

Jon Solberg (remove "nospam" from email address).

Re: Hacking Linux

neil.bosh@gmail.com (06-10-01 23:51:32):

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"Totally vulnerable"?  Either it's vulnerable, or it's not.

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The "ping of death" (what an eeeeevil name) is an old attack; so old
that you'll find rusty swastikas on it.  The same holds for every other
attack you're going to try.  In other words:  Save your time.  It's not
worth it.

But there's still light.  Use an axe to attack your box.  Or just find
another hobby, but that has been already suggested by others.  Have fun.


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