Hackers look outside Windows for flaws.

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This was the title of an article in the Register.  But it doesn't seem to be
saying that hackers are targeting other OS's.  From the article:

"We are seeing a trend to exploit not only the Windows, but other vendor
programs that are installed on potentially large number of systems," says
Rohit Dhamankar, a research manager in 3Com's TippingPoint security
appliance division. "These include backup software, management software,
licensing software etc. Flaws in these programs put critical resources at
risk as well as having a potential to compromise the entire enterprise."

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Re: Hackers look outside Windows for flaws.

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As I understood it, it says that hackers are looking beyond the Windows
O.S. for flaws in other programs: web browsers and word processors and
all that stuff.  Of course they have been targeting Internet Explorer
and Outlook Express and friends for quite a while already.

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Re: Hackers look outside Windows for flaws.

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 18:14:53 +0000, Jim Haynes wrote:

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<sarcasm on>
Yeah, but you can't really count those. Remember when MSFT claimed that
those apps are actually an inextricable part of the OS itself when they
were trying to avoid antitrust charges? ;)
<sarcasm off>

Which is why they don't offer the newer versions of IE to be downloaded
except as part of a service pack. You can't claim it to be part of the OS
if it is a standalone app. MS may be sneaky and underhanded, but they are
not stupid enough to make that mistake. :)

Re: Hackers look outside Windows for flaws.

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Which is of course an utter piece of junk, like any other
software from this company. Some recent update breaks doze update
completely if you are going to use it though a proxy server, (407
error). Sure you can't use mozilla for this, only IE which
doesn't work. Dunno how much time I waste per week on crap like
this, even if I'm not using doze at all.;(

Buggy, crappy or otherwise unreliable software. Even OSS alpha
software from freshmeat.net written by some 14 year old works much
more reliable then the M$ junk people use all over the world...

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