GUIs for Cisco VPN client for Linux

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Per a request from one of our users that just bought an Eee PC, I
downloaded and installed the Cisco VPN client for Linux ( is
the current version). Before doing the work on the Eee PC, I downloaded a
trial of Xandros Desktop Pro 4.2, installed it on an older Pentium III
Dell w/ 256MB RAM, installed the kernel source and GCC, and ran the
installer. I already have a PCF file from the OS X and Win32 installers
I've built and that worked perfectly. What I'm wondering now is, since
this is a CLI only client, has anyone tried any of the various GUI
add-ons, esp. on Xandros, another Debian based distro, or the Eee PC's
custom Xandros build?

The first one I'm considering is KVpnc:
I'd also like to try a Gnome tool at home on my openSUSE box but it looks
like gvpn-dialer is a bit out of date. Is it still viable? Are there any
others I should look at? I don't mind compiling from source but having
RPMs or .debs are nice, too.

Much thanks,

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