GUI front end to Shorewall?

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Is there a gui for Shorewall? I have shorewall on my system, but i have it
disabled because it blocks out ut2004 gaming. If I could find some gui
front end to config shorewall for gaming ports that would be great; I tried
accessing shorewall through a browser as someone suggested here in a recent
post, but that just gave me an error and did not work. (I need a gui; I am
just not smart enough to figure out iptables and command line configuration
of shorewall and iptables).

Re: GUI front end to Shorewall?

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Webmin has a nice GUI for Shorewall.  That's how I do it.
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Re: GUI front end to Shorewall?

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You can do what I did.
I found an easy to use script for iptables that has served me well.
It is not a GUI, but you only edit a config file.

Either one of these URLs should be fine. /
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