Geo::IP missing and little question.[prelude NIDS]

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I'm under  Debian Sarge  and I've just  installed prelude and  its web
front end piwi :

libprelude0 0.8.10-1
prelude-lml 0.8.6-4
prelude-manager 0.8.10-6
prelude-nids 0.8.6-1
piwi 0.8+20041206-3

Web test page tell me that Geo::IP (optional) is missing (confirmed by
<<No country information because  module Geo::IP is missing>> response
in Top >> 10 Attackers tab).

But I have :

geoip-bin  1.3.8-1
libgeo-ipfree-perl 0.2-1
libgeoip1      1.3.8-1


Can somebody give me a clue ?

And now the little question :

I've registered a bad sensor (with manager-adduser and sensor-adduser)
witch name is /etc/prelude-sensors/plaintext/prelude-lml.65534.

How can I remove it properly ?


Philippe Monroux
Reunion island
55.3W -21.5S

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