Firestarter, how to use it

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I am quite new to Linux and I am using Debian.

I installed the Firestarter (in KDE, through Synaptic Package Manager).
But I cannot see how to start it or configure it ? I have similare
problems in other installations too. Is it true that we cannot see all
the installed (or use)  package in KDE enviroment ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Firestarter, how to use it

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 15:25:04 -0800, DC wrote:

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Use the Wizard.

Open Firestarter.  (...From a normal command prompt:)
$ which firestarter
$ /usr/bin/firestarter
You will be asked for the root password.  Enter it.

Use the Wizard.  Under the Firestarter menu option,
choose Run Wizard.  Or just from the keyboard do Control+W.

There is a help menu option if you look for it.  Should be all set.

Good luck.

Re: Firestarter, how to use it

Thanks, I can open it thought a bit different from what you said. I (in
KDE) sudo open firestarter and a graphical menu pops up and I follow
the instruction.

I tried to go to command line by (CTRL-ALT-F1), and type Sudo open
firestarter, it seems nothing happen, and no menu nor questions.

And I am using Debian Linux

Re: Firestarter, how to use it

On Tue, 08 Nov 2005 06:18:23 -0800, DC wrote:

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You are working too hard to do simple things, and what you have described
is not likely to work.  Firestarter provides a Graphical User Interface
(GUI) for a (quite good) NETFILTER iptables firewall.  It needs to be
started from within a GUI desktop, like KDE or Gnome or several others.
When you do a "CTRL-ALT-F1" you are leaving the GUI and Firestarter's GUI
will not have any GUI place to run inside of.  There are several ways
available to get and use a command line interface from within a GUI
desktop, like KDE.  It is sort of like invoking a "MSDOS" window from
within a Windows desktop, - you usually need to click a menu choice or an
icon ("shortcut"), and that will open a text, command line "window" (or
command space).  If you start Firestarter like that, from a command line
that is running in a "window" inside a GUI desktop then Firestarter's GUI
will come up and run just fine on your KDE desktop.  If you have another
way to start Firestarter from within your KDE desktop, as you apparently
do, then you need not bother with starting it from a command line.  There
are a number of versions available, for Firestarter and for KDE (and for
Debian) and there are many chances for variations in what exactly you will
see on your desktop.  Nothing will be hidden from you on your own machine
if you know how and where to look for it.  There is lots of documentation
available, but you just need to be a little more familiar with what you
are seeing.

A newsgroup is good for many types of help information.  If you are
needing step by step help and questions answered you may find more timely
help in perhaps an appropriate IRC channel.  The good server network for
Open Source software issues is Freenode.  You can get information at .

Your firewall is a very important (primary) component of your internet
security, and you are right to want to understand it.  I am sure you are
certainly welcome to continue to ask questions here.  Keep in mind this
forum is about security, and while someone may offer help with your
questions about Debian (ie.) that's not what this group is for.

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There are probably groups specifically set up for questions about your

Best wishes.

Re: Firestarter, how to use it

Thank you for your valuable information and the link to freenode. I
will check it out. I learn a bit and a bit and know where should I put
the questions to.

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