Ethernet module down ?

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We have 10 servers connected to adsl modem.  Linux Fedora core 2 is
installed on each machine.
These servers have unfortunately a IP allotted on the same dynamic range

Last month, each ethernet module had been removed and connection
Internet was cut.

My question : is it possible to remove ethernet module by any process on
Internet without intrusion (dos attack or other...) ?

If it is, which port is used to exploit it?
here's port opened on servers: 80, 81, 22, 23, 110, 25, 143, 139, 3128.



Re: Ethernet module down ?

reg wrote:
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I dont really understand this question, could you possibly rephrase or
elaborate a little more?  Maybe be a little more clear as to what you
mean by "ethernet module" because my first thought is the actual kernel
module, but by the way you are phrasing things here, I dont think you
mean the kernel module.

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When running any type of system (especially a server for that matter)
you should first think, what services do I essentially need running?
What function does this server or cluster of servers preform (email
server, web server, etc)?  Then from there you can start to eliminate
the services which are not needed.  Because by first intrepretation a
lot of the services that are represented by the ports you listed above,
do not need to be running.

So if you could please elaborate some more on what I have mentioned
above then I am sure I, or atleast someone here, will be able to
provide you with a proper and informative response :)

Have a great night,

Josh D.

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