error accessing /var/log/snort/*

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Getting this error with snort, not sure why it can't find the log
directory.  The directory is present.  Any help would be great thanks.


error: error accessing /var/log/snort/*: No such file or directory
error: snort:4 glob failed for /var/log/snort/*/*log

Re: error accessing /var/log/snort/* wrote:
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The last line is searching for any file that ends with log
in any directory inside /var/log/snort. That's not probably
what it should do.



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Re: error accessing /var/log/snort/*

On 27 Apr 2005 15:06:29 -0700,
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The directory exists but there are no files in it, and your
logrotate.conf does not specify "missingok".

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