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I was thinking about some kind of anti-spam and I have an Idea, what do
you think about it, and maybe any ideas how to make it ;)

So a lot of programs are going to web pages and taking e-mails from it,
but maybe we can make something what will convert text to image when the
somebody will request for e-mail in www page.
blocking them is little harmful, somethimes it is not possible at all
(act like normal browsers)

If we grep all the pages from shell we can find e-mails and change it to
pictures but what with databases/?

So my idea is to add something to apache that will be checking if page
contains e-mail and then change it, befor showing to browser.


Re: e-mails as an images

m wrote:
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Why would you want to burden Apache with that?  If you want your web
pages to show pictures instead of text, do it.  Nothing's stopping you
and you don't need Apache's help.  If you are using a database, you can
either store the image or a pointer to it and adjust your display code

Tony Lawrence
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Re: e-mails as an images

m wrote:
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Last I checked,  wasn't ascii encoding of addresses still defeating
spammers?  I've had a testing address posted for over a year and no spam


Re: e-mails as an images

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005 10:40:56 -0400, me wrote:
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WFM -- inter-mixing ASCII _and_ HEX encoding.


Re: e-mails as an images

m wrote:

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So users who can't see images (the blind, users of text browsers, etc) won't
be able to get the email address at all, while others with have to
transcribe it character by character (and probably introduce errors)?
Doesn't sound like a great idea. I'll stick to SpamAssassin.

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Re: e-mails as an images

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I m sure the blind will really love this idea....  Last time I checked an
html->speech converter does not do too well on a GIF/JPEG file.  Also then
there are those of us who love our text browsers, we are going to be really
annoyed that we have to fire up a fully blown graphical browser just to
extract an email address.

Most people find the 'wibble (at) example (dot) com' approach suffices and
conveys the message across well enough.  Maybe a much lighter weight email
address obfuscater using this approach would be a better idea; there probably
is already an Apache module for this, I do know there is one for a email
harvesting trapper.



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