CPanel Vulnerability Wreaks Havoc with Sites on HostGator

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Netcraft reports that very many sites hosted on Hostgator were redirected to web
containing the current Microsoft VML exploit.

The article is at
(watch the wrap )

It does not specify the vulnerability in CPanel, because it is a new flaw
("0-day") not
known to the public (not the Cross Site Scripting problem CPanel fixed in
August). The
vulnerability  needs local access, which limits its use. A compromised customer
with access
to CPanel or a way into the server is required to execute the exploit.

Notwithstanding, HostGator will probably not end up as the only one affected by
the flaw.

CPanel has made a patch which can be obtained automagically by performing
/scripts/upcp in
your installation. If you administer a server farm and you have more than a few
using CPanel then have your weekend admin install the patch.

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