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Dear all,

Since this site is all about sharing Linux based applications, I would
like to bring to your attention to an excellent Linux based content
filtering Internet proxy software - SafeSquid=AE, and has a FREE

SafeSquid=AE, arguably, is the world's most feature-rich proxy server.
Following, in brief, are it's features -

- Browser based GUI Interface
- Cluster friendly
- A multi-tier, md5-encrypted, totally manageable cache
- Supports ICP & CARP
- Request forwarding
- Transparent Proxying
- Reverse Proxying - Secure Web Servers
- Provides simultaneous virus scanning at the gateway using any number
of Antivirus softwares of your choice
- Generate virus signatures on-the-fly for undetected viruses while you
wait for updates
- Ready-to-use connectivity to ICAP Servers, the latest in Antivirus
- Built-in connectivity to PAM - Authenticate users from ADS, POP3,
Radius, MySQL Database, Flat File Database, etc.
- Bandwidth Management based on Users, Time, Web Sites or a combination
of all
- Block web-sites using URL Blacklist, DNS Blacklist, MySQL Database,
Category DNS and the database-independent - Weighed Keyword Scoring
- Filter unwanted contents like ActiveX Controls and Java Scripts from
unknown sites (Ads, Banners, Pop-ups, spy wares, etc.)
- Prevent access / downloads based on MiMe type
- Prevent users from logging into unwanted sites - Cookie Filter
- Increase enterprise privacy - Header Filter
- Prevent access to applications like chat & IM - User Agent based
access control
- Generates log reports in Firewall and Squid format compatible with
many open source and paid Log Analysers like Sarg, Calamaris, Squint,
Webalizer, Sawmill, SquidTaild, etc.

A FREE version with limited features for non-profit / non-commercial
organisations, is available for download at
You need to register on the SafeSquid=AE Forum (free) at
You can use the forum's username and password to access the download
Fully functional trial versions, with limited time period, are also

Re: Content Filtering Internet Proxy (06-09-03 07:06:59):

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Firstly, this is not a "site", secondly nobody cares, thirdly you suck
bad.  You're using the wrong platform for spamming.  If your "excellent
proxy software" wouldn't be a security hazard, its source code would be
available.  Products like Microsoft IIS have shown where closed source
leads to.


Re: Content Filtering Internet Proxy

Ertugrul Soeylemez wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's what you thought.
What I'm reading here is a money-grubbing luser who is ripping off Squid
and not providing the source code for a GPL-code-derived program.
If this is the case, he is *in violation* of the GPL and *cannot*
legally distribute his so-called "software", free or otherwise.

The GPL.
It's da shizzit.


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