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  Any idea about the best way to implement a central log server for a linux
based network? If possible, I'd like a directory structure in the log server
with one directory per host, each directory containing the log files of a
particular host.
  For example:

/var/log/host1/logs/ (messages,maillog,wtmp,etc)
/var/log/host2/logs/ (messages,maillog,wtmp,etc)
/var/log/host3/logs/ (messages,maillog,wtmp,etc)
/var/log/host4/logs/ (messages,maillog,wtmp,etc)

  Hosts can use their syslogd daemon to send log messages. What can I use in
the central server? (free)
  Thanks in advance,


Re: Central log server

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http://www.balabit.com/products/syslog-ng/ may be right for your needs.

Re: Central log server

I have noticed that in message
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Linux, again. I have a server at work taking log messages from the
router via syslogd and a php page to display them in a format I require.
I've created the same thing at home also.

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