cannot access the one specific site evenafter disabling the firewall.

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Hello everone..

I have a critical problem. I am using squid as proxy in redhat linux
one of my users want to access the by logging the
The first page is opening, But when they type their username and
password it is not authenticating. the page remains as it is.
No message is coming.

When he tries to login the connection is not going.

The firewall must allow users to establish an outbound TCP connection
to the servers IPs ( ) on port 18247.

So I disabled the firewall (all accesslists) in my router and I allow
the ports in squid also.

In my proxy server no firewalls is there(no iptables).

But still the problem is continues.

So I use pktstat utility to check what port it is exactly using ...

I use the command

./tcptrack -i eth0 src or dst

It gives message


i think this means it is network file system port..But i don t know
the port. Normally my squid accepts connections from clients through
port 8080.

What should i do to access the site ?

Re: cannot access the one specific site evenafter disabling the firewall.

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Things you might consider:

1. The site may require Java, or Javascript, or cookies,
   which the user might have disabled out of security concerns.

2. Try a different browser.

3. There's a Firefox extension called "Live HTTP Headers" that
   exposes a lot of the conversation between the browser and the server.

For serious proxy-related diagnoses, you'll have to wait for someone
who knows more. Sorry.

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Re: cannot access the one specific site evenafter disabling the firewall.

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I had a recent problem of connecting to  I eventually found
out that by increasing my internal MTU to +40 of the external(internet)
size made it magically work.  In my case the internet is an MTU of 576
(dialup), and the internal network had the same MTU.  The internal
network is now at 616 and works.  This may or may not be
your issue.  In this case I was able to access the site on the router,
but not on any machine NAT'd through the router with iptables.  This was
fixed when I increased the MTU size of the internel network.

You may have other issues.  Like the site filtering content based solely
on whether it thinks you're using IE to view it.  There are extensions
and stuff to rig Firefox or Mozilla to tell the webserver that you are
using IE to get past this issue.  Or it could be wanting to use ActiveX
stuff, which we just don't have/use under linux.  Or some visual basic
script on the page.  Or some other (will only work in windows) issues.

Granted that many of the above issues are probably more related to the
site in question being poorly configured.  And not so much anything on
your end.  Although modifications to your end may make/force it to cope
with their issues.

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