can't connect to CUPS printer from XP home

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This is a weird problem I'm having. I have a Debian/Sarge server
configured as a PDC for a small network. This is actually overkill since
the workstations are both using XP home, but I didn't know that when I
set up the server.

Both workstations are able to connect to the network shares and print to
  a printer that is attached to the server when logged on with the
initial two accounts I set up. There is no security on the printer, just
on the printer admin (the only change I made to the default (Debian)
cupsd.conf was to allow the local network to connect - Allow From

The workstations connect to the printer using
http://dellbert:631/printers/HL-5040, so Samba is not involved as far as
I understand.

I recently added a new account to one of the workstations and set up a
corresponding account on the server using Samba. It can connect to the
network shares OK, but not to the printer. To be clear, the other two
accounts on the same computer do connect to the printer! It's just this
one (new) account that doesn't.

Both workstations are running XP Home/SP2. The only difference I can see
on the workstations is the new account doesn't have a .net passport set
up. I can't see any difference in the account setup on the server. All
three linux accounts are members of the same groups and all three are
also Samba accounts.

Anyone have any ideas?

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