calling spamassassin/spamd from xinetd

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I am interested in finding out if spamassassin runs more/less efficient if
run from within xinetd instead of as a free daemon. It really seems to
like memory when running in daemon mode. It also spawns several "5 or 6"
processes at all times whether it is actually processing mail or not. Is
this the proper functionality for spamd? If anyone is aware of a more
appropriate newsgroup that I could post these questiions to, please let me
know... thank you.

Re: calling spamassassin/spamd from xinetd

Peter Hinkle wrote:
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Running spamassassin/sendmail from inetd is one of those academic sort
of questions that pops up now and then, but I don't really know anyone
who is doing it.

My suggestion would be to check the roaringpenguin HowTos and FAQ etc.

If you're volume is *very* low, you could probably do what you're
discussing, but it's not a good idea.

Re: calling spamassassin/spamd from xinetd

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 17:21:13 +0000, Peter Hinkle wrote:

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It makes no sense whatsoever to run spamd from inetd. You gain nothing and
lose everything.

The idea of the spamd daemon is that the whole Spamassassin mechanism is
loaded and ready to go at any moment. You use spamc to talk to it, and if
you have a bunch of users (or processes) doing this often you show nice
performance gains.

If what you want is just to do spam-checks on demand with nothing running
at other times you use spamassassin (the command) which does not talk or
need spamd. You pay the price of loading time, but when not in use it
consumes no resources.

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