buffer overflow and format string vuln.

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Sometimes we can hear abou new attacks performed successfuly. I found
software that should prevent OS from doing these attack (OpenWall
ttp://www.openwall.com/ , GRsecurity http://www.grsecurity.org/ , ProPolice
, StackGuard and StackShield ) Do you know these tools ? Could you tell if
they really do a good job ? Does exist any software preventing these attacks


Re: buffer overflow and format string vuln.

kargulo wrote:

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They certainly help, althought none of are perfect (for example, I believe
there's an article in Phrack on problems with GRsecurity's ASLR). If you've
done your homework, you'll also know that these tools operate in different
ways: some require you to recompile all the applications you wish to
protect using a patched version of gcc, others have high overheads, others
are incompatible with certainly applications (such as XFree86).

That said, they're definitely worth looking into: the pros greatly outway
the cons, imho). You might also want to look at LIDS and libsafe.

Incidently, GRsecurity, LIDS and Openwall do a lot more than protect against
buffer overflows/format string attacks.


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