Biometric devices - fingerprint authorization

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I am looking at the possibilities of installing
some species of fingerprint biometric device
on a small network. Most of these things seem
to be made for Windows.   Are there any truely
good ones that work well with Linux?  Is it possible
to use one remotely, say you have a device on
one small network, and you want to access it remotely
over the net, can one set it up to use a similar
device and SSH to send a password to the target system?

Are there any standard Linux security software that works
well with these things, or is it a cobble together your
own solution sort of situation?

Basically, I am using Mandrake 10.1 and KDE, I'd like to
use this for logons, and  controlling user access to
encrypted hard disk partitions.  Working with Windows XP
would be a plus.

Does anybody here have this working and have any
recommendations and gotchas to relate?


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