Attack against SCO open source support site, being blamed on Linux zealots

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There's a thread over on comp.unix.sco.misc, a good supporter of open source
(Boyd Lynn Gerber) who deals with quite a lot of SCO issues has his servers
repeatedly attacked.

His note is viewable on Google Groups, at

But here's a quote:

 > Ever since the post about the filing on Apr 21, my systems have been under
attack.  It is coming from over 3000 ip addresses and has made it almost
impossible for people to download files from my ftp site.  My site
averages 700MB-1GB daily.  Since this mess started the downloads are now
about 20 MB.  I limit the number of connections from an IP address.  I am
seeing over 400 connection attempts per IP per 10 minutes.  That combined
with various other attacks.

This sounds like a script-kiddie botnet attack to me, and a grossly immature
one. Boyd helps convince people in the SCO world that open source works, and
makes tools available to people like me (dong a SCO-Linux migration). So
helping him out would help all of us.

So there are several things that might be helpful from here: some reassurances
that this is *NOT* the work of normal Linux users, but only of a few fools.
And pointers to good quality, flexible proxy tools he can put in front of all
his servers, to protect them from such abuse. He has Linux systems that such
tools could run on, effectively.  And community support for tracking these
abusers back to their lair and blocking them.

Does this seem reasonable? Or does it seem too political for this group?

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