Annonce: RSBAC 1.2.5 released

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Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) v1.2.5 for Linux has been released!
Full information and downloads are available at

RSBAC Key Features:

    * Free Open Source (GPL) Linux kernel security extension
    * Independent of governments and big companies
    * Several well-known and new security models, e.g. MAC, ACL and RC
    * Control over individual user and program network accesses
    * Fully access controlled kernel level user management
    * Any combination of models possible
    * Easily extendable: write your own model for runtime registration
    * On-access virus scanning with Dazuko interface
    * Support for current kernels in 2.4 and 2.6 series
    * Stable for production use since January 2000

Major new features in v1.2.5:

    * Complete review of all interceptions with many new ones added
    * Device attribute inheritance: Use values at type:major as
default for type:major:minor
    * Log remote IP address of subject in access log
    * Completely rewritten admin tools build system
    * Many smaller changes to remove bugs and improve usability
    * Complete list of changes at

Versions 1.2.x will be maintained as stable series with bugfix
releases whenever necessary. All cool new features will be in the new
1.3 series, which has recently been branched off, see .

For first tests without installation you can try the Debian based
RSBAC Live CD at

Please forward this announcement to whereever you think it is
applicable,  e.g.  local or national security lists, newspapers or
magazines, or your favourite Internet forum.

Feedback is always welcome!

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