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C12-GAMMA; a free/open-source E-mail security tool for BSD/Linux:

[ probably the most important cryptography software ever written;
  because it contains the CipherPacket source-code/algorithm ]

Re: ADVERT: Secure comms

On 15 Apr, 16:27, wrote:
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I'll just quote myself, from when he did this in January. (It's a
monthly ad: it's technically spam, as unsolicited bulk email, but he
hasn't exceeded the '15 post in 45 days' Breidbart index, so it's not
being auto-cancelled.)

----- Shamelessly self-quoted material below ----

Oh, ghod, this idiot is back?

He's been doing this for years: the frontpage for his software lies
about the license, which he claims "may not be used for terrorism"
in fact makes no restrictions on using it for any illegal purpose. It
just swears that it's not the author's fault or problem. His tarball
is misnamed (it doesn't match the name of the directory it contains),

He somehow thinks it's going to replace PGP, but you have to go
digging through the source code and documentation unavailable at his
website to figure out what it actually *IS*. He then spends pages
talking about security issues which have nothing, in fact, to do with
his software. (Keystroke monitoring, CRT monitoring, etc.)

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