Aanval Snort / Syslog Console (Free single sensor version now available)

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[For Immediate Release]

We are very excited about this mornings release of Aanval version 1.62
Build 10470. This release is intended for our free / limited user base,
as it removes almost every limitation imposed with its use.

The new full featured single sensor version is available now by
visiting the Aanval.com website.
Download Now: http://www.aanval.com /

In our efforts to continue to serve the information security industry,
we have answered the call from numerous users and organizations around
the world and have changed the "free / limited" version of Aanval to
the "Single sensor" version of Aanval.

This means more features and less limitations to those who run single
sensor intrusion detection deployments or for those who wish to fully
test the Aanval console prior to purchase.

Users worldwide will now be able to perform archives, auto-trim snort
databases, have complete sensor management capabilities, email
reporting, scanning and more with a simple upgrade or new installation
of this single sensor version.
The following limitations have been removed from the free / limited
version of the Aanval console:

* Scanning module is now available to free limited users
* Archive module is now available to free limited users
* AI module is now available to free limited users
* Email Reporting module is now available to free limited users
* Notes module is now available to free limited users
* Advanced charting module is now available to free limited users
* Delete events limitation has been removed
* Maximum event limitation has been removed
* Sensor management limitations have been removed
* Auto snort trimming has been made available to free limited users

* This version remains limited to a single snort and a single syslog
sensor, along with a single user account.

Full Release Notes:

In addition; As a reminder, the $99.00 license savings special ends in
less than 40 hours.
https://www.aanval.com/purchase /

Enjoy. ;-)

- Aanval support is available to all; updated pricing is available
online: https://www.aanval.com/purchase /
- Remember: Free support is first come, first serve - Commercial
support is recommended
- Support may be purchased at the time of need for the individual issue
- Call toll free: 888.569.2186 x3

Product Information
- Aanval Online Tour: http://www.aanval.com/tour /
- Aanval Online Demo: http://www.aanval.com/demo /

? Need more licenses for a larger deployment? We have additional
specials and incentives. Contact us today.
! Financial, Educational and Government discounting is available!
Contact us today.

Visit the Aanval.com website, take the tour, view the demo and see how
Aanval can help protect your organization.

888.569.2186 (Toll Free)
http://www.aanval.com /

Aanval is a data management, correlation and analysis console designed
specifically for Snort and Syslog data.

* This email address is not intended for replies - please contact
sales@remoteassessment.com or administration@remoteassessment.com

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