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Hey all, I bought an hp ze4805s laptop about 4 months ago (September
2004) and ever since I bought it the speakers make an intermitent high
pitched noise. The noise happens usually when there is a large screen
update, like minimizing a window etc, but it also happens randomly
every few seconds or so. Does anybody else have this particular
problem, especially with this model? It's really annoying and I'm
hoping there would be a way to fix it without resorting to send it off
to HP for six weeks as I need it for school. Two of these laptops were
bought for me and a relative and they both have the same issue, so it
seems to be a problem with the production line. Any ideas?

Re: ze4805us

I have the ZE4805WM which is exactly the same machine but smaller hard
disk and no factory-installed WLAN. I noticed a similar symptom when I
was using a program that played with the audio mixer settings. Go into
the mixer and mute everything. See if the problem goes away. If it
does, re-enable items in the mixer selectively until the problem
manifests itself and you've found the culprit.

It's bus noise being picked up by part of the audio chain, probably the
line-in or microphone inputs.

Re: ze4805us

Well, I muted everything and the noise is still there. I also have
every playback device shown so I know absolutely all of the audio
devices are muted. The 'mute all' checkbox is also checked in the
recording devices. I figure mine is related to noise being picked up
mostly by the video system as mose of the noise happens when there are
large screen updates. It's especially bad with itunes for some reason.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Anyone have any more?

Re: ze4805us

Does it happen only in XP? Do you notice it if you were in BIOS, or
when booting up...or safe mode...or just battery, or AC.

Could be an issue with the sound card, try disabling the soundcard in
Device Hardware...see if it is still there.


On 31 Dec 2004 00:34:45 -0800, qwerty1602@gmail.com wrote:

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Re: ze4805us

I haven't tried safe mode, but it works whether or not the laptop is
plugged in or using the battery and also with the sound card disabled.
For the short time that I was in the bios it wasn't happening. It
doesn't happen while booting up. It only happens usually after the
laptop has been booted up for a while (60 minutes or so) after being
shut down for a long time, but on some occasions it has started pretty
quickly after a fresh boot. The weird thing is that the noise usually
starts happening pretty quickly after a hibernate (under 20 minutes,
sometimes right away) even though it's been hibernated for a long time.

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