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i see wal-mart is getting ready for Friday with the ze2308wm HP. anyone have
any opinions on this sub $400 laptop and is it worth the effort to try and
get one, only if used for surffing?


Re: ze2308wm

Apparantly the HP ze2308wm has about the same specs as the Compaq
m2105us that I'm now using to type this reply. Yes, it's good enough
for browsing the web. If the ze2308wm is equivalent then the cpu will
most definitely be a Socket-754 Sempron. I don't believe that anyone is
still selling a Socket-A Sempron laptop that is brand new. (Refurbished
will be a whole other story.)

Having 256mb of RAM is the bare minimum for XP but you'll be better off
adding memory yourself. Most laptops sold with 512mb will have two
256mb SO-DIMMs.

My m2105us can't take 1gb SO-DIMMs. I added 512mb to bring my total up
to 768mb. Very easy to do but remember to remove the battery when you
do so yourself.

Good luck getting the laptop. From what I've read over at
fatwallet.com, each Wal-Mart store may not have that many to sell and
you may need to get in line there immediately after you're done eating
your turkey on Thursday. Talk to whomever you can trust at your local
Wal-Mart to find out how many will be in stock.

When you factor in the value of your time and the possibility that you
may come up empty-handed, I'm not sure that this may be worth the
hassle in my opinion. I got my m2105us on special at Staples for a
total of about $600 after tax and after rebate which I did get. I did
pay more but I won't envy you if do get your laptop.

The laptop has come in handy as the monitor for my desktop PC has just
died which is why I'm using it to type this.

Re: ze2308wm

Well? Did you get the laptop?

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