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I never owned a notebook PC before but I know desktop PCs inside out.  I
think my best bet is to buy a new one of good quality and reputation.  I
think maybe HP Pavilion dv2000t.  I just clicked thru the 'customization'
price list on the HP site. There's things there I never had to think about
before.  I have built dozens of desktop PCs but never bought a brand name PC
like HP or Dell etc.  I've never used Windows Vista either.

In using WinXP, I always got by fine with XP Home edition.  I wonder if
Vista Home 'Basic' has capabilities equivalent to XP Home ?

I've never used a 'Recovery DVD'  or a factory installed recovery partition
before.  I did plenty of multi boot systems and also system backup to
internal HD partitions or to external media.  A factory recovery partition
sounds like real limited capability to me.  Like I will be able to put it
back the way it was when they sold it to me, but if I want to try something
else I might run into problems right away.  Yes, I agree, installing the
pre-configured system will be much simpler.  But I visualize needing
separate disks to reinstall broken SW components, or to uninstall things.
Or to reinstall the system but leave some things out, and then add third
party stuff.

If, instead,  I buy a notebook with a blank HD and install XP or Vista (or
even a multiboot with Linux) will I need some of the stuff that's on the
'Recovery partition' or on the 'Recovery DVD' ?   Can you generally install
a system like you do on a desktop PC - or is it more of a headache on a

I would assume it's a real good idea to get the recovery DVD they offer.

What about heat?  CPUs generate a lot of heat these days.  Notebooks are in
such a small package for so much heat - even the hard drive heat must be
very significant in that small package.  Does the Celeron 1.73 GHz run
cooler than the 1.73 GHz Core Duo ?

Also, are the factory supplied cooling fans noisy like the average cooling
fans in a desktop PC?  I hate noisy fans. I usually get after market cooling
for my desktop PCs.  That will be complicated with a notebook.

I will appreciate your suggestions on any of these issues.  With your help I
will soon be a happy notebook owner !

TIA.   Bill S.

Re: Your suggestions / recomendations please ..

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I would say that Dell might be a better choice as you get the best of
both worlds.
The machines come with both CDs/DVDs for the op system and drivers and
also have
a recovery partition, which restores it to as built. Take a look at
the E1405 or E1505.
As to Vista Basic is equivalent to XP Home, but it has none of the
advance Vista
features and is noticeably slower than XP. If you really want Home
take a look at Dell's small business site where you can still get XP.
Also the Dell refurb site is a good choice. I've
bought several machines there and had very good results. A notebook,
any notebook is
essentially unmodifiable. You can replace memory and drives, but
that's it. Don't even think
of messing with the cooling situation. Laptop fans aren't particularly

Re: Your suggestions / recomendations please ..

remember this, notebooks are not for gaming unless you want to spend 2k or
buy a laptop for your needs. Vista my not run your older programs or
printer/scanner, camera, flashdrive etc..
If you do decide on Vista you should get the Premium Edition at the very
Hardware should be a core2duo and one gig of ram, two gigs is better. They
come with most everything else.
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