Your recommendations for a new notebook, please!

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  I've been using a Sony VAIO PCG-FX270 Notebook for approximately five
years now and am looking to significantly upgrade sometime within the
next month.

  My current laptop has 192 MB of SDRAM, a 20 GB hard drive and 4x
CD-RW/DVD combo drive.  It has a 15.0" screen, a 850 MHz Intel Pentium
III processor and runs Windows' Millennium Edition.  So, as you can see,
I'm in desperate need of something a little more current!  My problem,
though, is that I don't know what to get.

  Money is not too much of an object here, but since I'm not Bill Gates
or anything either, let's not get too outrageous here!

  What I'd like to get in a new laptop, though, would include the

  >> A 64-bit processor, so I'm seriously considering something
featuring a AMD Turion 64 processor or equivalent. I was thinking of one
of Intel's Core Duo processors, but I've heard a lot of very good things
about AMD's products, so I'm presently leaning more in that direction.

  >> 1 GB of RAM system memory and at least a 100 GB hard drive; a 120-
or even 160 GB HD would be even better!

  >> Runs Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

  >> A 15.4" screen would suffice, but I'd really, really prefer a 17"
widescreen unit at this point.

  >> A faster combo drive than the 4x drive I'm currently dealin' with!

  >> Things like a built-in camera [and mic], fingerprint sensor, t.v.
tuner and whatnot would be fantastic too!

  >> Ultimately, overall size and weight are not that important, but I
do need a laptop as opposed to a desktop!

  Now, I've had very good luck with my Sony laptop over the years, but
I'm considering virtually all options here.  I don't know whether to go
with Toshiba, HP, Gateway, Acer, Compaq, et al.  I do, however, wish to
exclude Dell as I quite literally do not know of a single Dell laptop
owner who's had anything but bad luck with 'em (no offense to you Dell
users out there)!

  Thank you all very much in advance for your time and consideration in
assisting me in making the optimum choice for my new laptop computer!  I
will certainly be looking forward to your input on what I've presented
here and hope to finally get a new notebook very soon!

  Take care and Have A Great Day!

          Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

Re: Your recommendations for a new notebook, please!

If you're happy with the Sony then how asking  for  a second
If you are looking for  Media Center 2005 that would be a
disappointment.... with Sony as they eschew it in favor of WinXP Pro.

You can have a look at Toshiba Qosmio series ( 17 inch multimedia
desktop replacement system) which have good features....and certainly
many of them are  run by Media Center....

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