You CAN build a laptop.

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I hear too many people saying that it's impossible to build a laptop,
this is not true, I've seen a built laptop. It is cheaper than buying
one, but it's much more difficult than building a desktop. Since for
desktops you can sort-of just pile on all kinds of odd parts, and keep
it from falling over. On the other hand, for a laptop, the most
difficult part is finding a shell and monitor. E-bay and individual
small companies can be of assistance. Building a laptop isn't for you
if you're looking for matching colors, because parts are about 50%
silver 50% black, and there's not much of a choice. If you frequently
visit computer/hardware expos you'll have a pretty easy time, but
assembly isn't too simple, you need a few clamps and tweezers.
Basically it's cheaper than buying one, but If you're looking for
something quick and pretty, it'll only be a menace to you. It took my
friend about 2 months to finish collecting parts, and a full weekend to
assemble, but it runs well. And it's as custom as it gets.

Re: You CAN build a laptop.

On 30 Jan 2005 12:07:24 -0800, wrote:

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You mean 2 months of his life. So how much did he save?  be honest
now, do include the parts that he bought that didn't fit/broke.

Comeon, less BS and show us how you really did it, do itemize each
part, price it, show us pictures blah, blah blah.

Even desktop people say putting together your own PC is more for the
challenge and less for the saving$, and you are going to tell us u can
save$ on a non-standard part laptop that way?

Put it where you mouth is, pictues pictures pictures, documentation,

Re: You CAN build a laptop.

bobb wrote:
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You can NOT build a laptop, not at least in the same sense that you can
build a desktop...that sense being that you choose from a wide variety of
different available components (most bought new, some used or left over from
your last desktop) that you assemble into a custom system.

The best you can do from the OP's information is to start with part of a
cannibalized laptop, then assemble, from various sources, other pieces which
were designed and built for THAT particular laptop and reassemble it.  I
would imagine there would be very little choice as to what the final product
would be....


Re: You CAN build a laptop.

jakdedert wrote:

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God, I'm having trouble simply disassembling mine. Is it possible they glue
laptop parts together so that no one can really open and fix anything

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