Yeah I need help

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Heres the situation:
One of my buddies spilled water on his laptop (Latitude D600).  So I
pulled it apart and tried to dry it up as best as possible, and then
put it back together.  The computer would turn on and run all the way
to the start up menu.  It was running fine, and then I noticed the
keyboard was out of wack (so I need another one of those).  All a
sudden the computer would turn off.  I would have to reboot it again.
 I bought the laptop for cheap and decided I was going fix it.  Last
night I pulled it apart to nothing and put everything in zip lock
bags and put them in my dresser.  Today I put it back together and
now it wouldn't turn on.  The lights will light up and then the CAP
LOCKS light will blink for about 5 - 8 seconds and then the computer
turns off.  What should I do?  Is there anyone that could help?
Thanks a lot.

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