XPS m1530 weird problem, bad noise

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I got this weird problem with my XPS 1530, wich i hope someone can
help me with.. Bought this piece of joy about 2 months ago, everything
seemed to work perfectly in the beginning. After a couple of days i
decided to remove the battery (just to look at it), and when I
installed it back in and booted up the computer there was this
crackling static noise coming from the right speaker.

To describe the noise is hard, but i'll give it a go: It is located
just above the battery (could maybe be from the speaker, but i doubt
it), and it's a kind of static crackling noise maybe abit similiar to
bad noise from the radio (when you don't get any reception), just not
as constant. It goes on and off alot, and there is also some buzzing
involved. Well anyways, it's extremely annoying.

During my troubleshooting I have noticed some things. First off all it
is most likely no fans making the sound, not the HDD, DVD player or
memory. I dont think it's connected with the speaker, cause the sound
is clean and nice when I play music etc. The sound is linked with the
LEDs, If i turn on different colors or effects with quickset the sound
will change character. If i disable every led the sound is not as bad
as if they are enabled. The AC adapter is also involved, if i remove
the cord the noise goes alot higher then if it is plugged in. It is
also worth mentioning that if i plug a jack into the soundcard the
sound goes unbearable. I have tried running it without the battery in,
no good.

I have talked with dell, they didn't have any solution so they wanted
to take a look at it themselves. That is probably what I should do,
but first i'd like to see if i can fix it myself.

Anyone heard about this before? Is there an easy solution?

Thanks in advance :)

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