XP Prof. Versus Windows Media Center 2005 on a VAIO FE11S

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Besides the inability to join domains and have cached credentials are
there any other differences between WMC 2005 and XP Prof. ?

On a Sony Vaio FE11S, Can I have them both installed on a Dual
partition?  and will it work if Windows Media Center is installed
first? I was told by Sony that XP prof. cant be installed on the Vaio
FE11S. I cant seem to find any logical reason for suggesting that!
...Has anyone experienced such an anomaly?

Also, has anyone had any experience with installing SQL Serrver
2000/2005 on windows media center. Im talking about SQL Server
Developer Edition, not any other. Will there be any issues installing
sql2k or 2005 on wmc 2005.

Following are a list of development tools that I want installed on the
wmc 2005:

Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise Edition
Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Edition
SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition
SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
IBM MQ Sever 5.3
.Net Framework V2
Biztalk 2004 and later

Has anyone got any knowledge of any issues in installing them on WMC

Thanks for your replies in advance.


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