X300 opinions from actual owners, worth it?

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    Sorry for the duplicate, meant to crosspost the first time.

        Just curious to get some opinions of people who have owned
previous Thinkpads (pre-Lenovo) and currently own the X300.  I've had
both a T21 then currently X31 and am pretty happy with both.  Problem is
the X31 is out of warranty, which is a big deal for me if it breaks
while travelling and I can't get it repaired or it costs a fortune to
get the parts.

        Other thing I wonder about is the SSD, it's probably close to
half the cost of the laptop.  Has anyone been successful ordering one
with a mechanical drive?  Apparently they're 1.8" (?) drives which limit
options on that.

        The GPS seems to be nothing more than a gimmick, requires the
Verizon card and service (Assisted GPS).  Not too useful outside of the
US and I'm not sure how many times you'd actually be using a laptop as a
GPS anyway considering how cheap the handheld GPS is plus the number of
phones that now come GPS enabled.

        The other thing I'm curious about is the "UWB" (ultra wide band)
wireless USB option, is it useless?  Never heard of anything that
actually uses it, maybe it's a still-born technology.

        Thanks for any responses.

Re: X300 opinions from actual owners, worth it?

B. Wright wrote:
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SSDs, currently, are no match for the responsiveness of a rotating HD,
and the cost is very high (as you have found), even compared to a
mechanical 1.8" drive (which is VERY slow, btw).  Ultra Wide Band is, as
I understand, the concept behind city wireless where one can transit
without losing signal.  Unfortunately, UWB is still in the starting blocks.

The Verizon service is very expensive.  You should actually check with
Verizon for their charges.  You will be surprised.  In my area,
$80/month plus $12/month for the GPS, plus a download limit of something
like 10GB/month.

My view is that this notebook is too cutting edge for US service.  It
might work in Korea, but not here in the US.


Re: X300 opinions from actual owners, worth it?

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    I've heard/read the exact opposite of this about the SSD, that
they are in fact very fast.  The things I don't like are the price and
also possibly much shorter service life of flash memory, although they
much less prone to damage from shock.

    "UWB" Ultra-wideband USB has nothing to do with city wireless.
It appears to be a solution waiting for a problem (and devices that
actually use it) to appear.  It's a short range wireless "USB".  You are
thinking about "WiMax".

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    I wouldn't consider the Verizon at all, I travel, it's stuck on
some crap US centric system.  The only sensible option unless you're
already stuck in a Verizon phone contract and don't travel is the 3G
GSM/UMTS modem.  I just mentioned that the GPS which seems to be a
gimmicky add on relies on the Verizon (Sierra Wireless) modem and
a working cellular service to even function.  It's not a true GPS with
a real standalone receiver.

    Like I said... I'm looking for opinions from actual owners who
have had this for at least long enough to know the pros and cons from
personal experience.  It's clear you don't actually own one of these.

Re: X300 opinions from actual owners, worth it?

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008 17:32:00 +0000, B. Wright wrote:

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For responsiveness, a harddrive cannot compete with a SSD, there are no
seek times on a SSD.  According to a couple reliable sources I have, the
modern technology these SSD's contain is nothing like the standard flash
media you know.  They can take far more sustained writes and outlive a
harddrive.  Couple this with the sheer fact that laptops are usually in
motion and this shock causes wear and shortens the life of the harddrive,
frequent spin-up/spin-downs of hard drives also shorten life.  The google
study on harddrives was a useful bit of information on failure statistics
of standard off-the-shelf harddrives.

The cost of these SSD's is really the only downside to it all.  It is new
technology however and the best of it.  I am certain that within the next
few years these drives will become the de facto root storage device with
harddrives becoming archive devices for multimedia.

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Waste of money, this looks to be stillborn technology.  Even if it isn't,
it took bluetooth around 5 years to become a commonplace slowspeed
technology to replace wires on HID's.  If this does take off, the range
is lower then bluetooth and devices using it will come at a premium.

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USB GPS devices are cheap enough of required, I do not like Verizon and
would not consider the card if I were a world traveler.  For me, the
inclusion of bluetooth is a necessity that provides me with access to
EDGE/UMTS paired to my cellphone.  I am also aware there are even
bluetooth GPS recievers now at fair prices.

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I've been planning on buying one.  I've been doing my homework on the SSD
specifically and the only vital piece of information I gained from this
thread was the gimmicky GPS.  I have used flash media as harddrive
replacements but the new stuff is in a league of its own, these are not
the CF harddrives of past years.


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