X300 - adding WWAN (ceulluar) broadband later - antennas?

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    Can someone who has ordered the X300 without the ceulllar
broadband option (i.e. Verizon or the 3G GSM version ("AT&T" in the US))
let me know if Lenovo had the courtesy to install the antennas or not?

    Just trying to figure out if it's practical to order it without
if the option isn't available then add it later.  If the antennas aren't
pre-installed then it's a joke to get them in, have to tear the whole
thing down.  Sadly, most places are too cheap to put them in unless you
order it with the option from the factory, even considering the antennas
probably cost about $1 or less for them to include.  It seems that all
the antennas (wifi and wwan broadband) on the X300 may be in one
monolithic assembly in the display, so maybe with some luck they are in
fact there as long as you ordered it with wifi at least.

    Other item on a similar note is the seemingly useless "UWB"
(Ultra-wideband wireless USB), seems this is on a module you could add
later if there becomes any use for it, but, it too has an antenna.
Wonder if that's there by default or not.

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