x23 Graphics issues and lockups

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I recently aquired a Thinkpad x23 laptop, via ebay , it came minus hard
drive, and as such didnt cost all that much.

I am having the following issues however,

When you turn it on, the splash screen appears, from this point it will
sometimes get as far as starting loading win98 (which i have started to
install, got as far as the point where you copy all the files off the
cd then it reboots) it often locks up during the loading , it also
displays these issues on the splash screen, sometime the splash screen
comes up and if i hit F1 for bios, you get left with the splash screen
and garbage at the top of the screen, if you use up and down arrows the
garbage moves , i think this is the bios screens showing in a corrupted
fashion. however on other occasions i hit F1 and get into the bios just

I was assuming some form of overheating with the CPU, so using the
service manual from the IBM lenovo site looked inside to see if the fan
is working, it seems to be, the heat compund / pad between the cpu and
cooler looked in real bad shape so i have cleaned this up and
reapplyed. this seems to not have acheived anything,

Im now thinking the graphics chip may be at fault, but am unable to
find the location of the graphics chip in the service manuals or
visually (i have not gone beyond removeing the keyboard assembly and

So does anyone know where the chip is hidden ? or have any advice, or
should i just give up on it, or i suppose does any one know of any
reliable, reasonably priced repair shops in the UK, prefferaby in the
south west.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the waffle


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