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well, I have finally worn out my left "mouse" button on my Thinkpad
X21. Removing the keyboard is easy from this notebook. However, I
wonder if anyone has successfully fixed the button on this particular
kbd. It didn't look like the button assembly comes apart really
easily. It's looks like it has been press fit into the metal base
plate of the keybaord. Should I just plan on replacing the keyboard
with a spare part from Ebay in order to fix this ?

Thanks, -ingo
/* Ingo Cyliax, cyliax@ezcomm.com, Tel: 812-391-0895 */

Re: X21 "mouse" button


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Bah, and you forgot the other reason you purchased a Thinkpad


IBM make them available for _all_ their laptops.



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Re: X21 "mouse" button

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thanks. I have looked at the maintenance manual and they identify the
part down to the keyboard FRU, but don't discuss how to do anything
specifically with the button sub assembly. I.e. the keyboard/mouse
button is meant to be swapped out if there is a problem.

I was wondering if anyone had attempted to fix the actual buttons on
the kayboard for this series of thinkpads. Other than that, I have the
part number and already identified second hand sources to get one, if
it's not fixable.

Later, -ingo
/* Ingo Cyliax, cyliax@ezcomm.com, Tel: 812-391-0895 */

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