WUXGA on a 15.4" screen?

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I'm looking for advice on display resolution for a new laptop.

I'm considering upgrading to a Latitude 810.  I can pick either a
15.4" WSXGA+ or a 15.4" WUXGA screen.  I really like high resolution,
but am concerned that WUXGA may be too high.  I know I can scale
Windows fonts, but that has some undesirable side-effects for some
applications I run.  My applications are text and schematic capture -
which involves line drawings.  Ideally I'd go to a computer store and
look at a WUXGA laptop but no stores seem to carry them.

I would also consider a 17" WUXGA if I could find one in the $2K price
range with a 2GHz CPU and 1GB ram.

Re: WUXGA on a 15.4" screen?

Marko wrote:
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For my purposes the WUXGA is too small for any graphics detail work,
photos are too visually compressed, etc., and eyestrain is a fact of
life.  OTOH, this is entirely a personal preference, much like


Re: WUXGA on a 15.4" screen?

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I recently went with a 15.4 wuxga.  My desktop has 2 monitors so I'm used to
having the space to see multiple windows.  I'm also used to smaller text as
the monitors are a 17" lcd and a 19 crt, both at 1280 x 1024.  Not sure what
it would be like to log 8-12 hours straight on the wuxga as I havn't used
the notebook a lot yet, but I do not find the text that bad since it is so
crisp.  The only thing I really have a problem seeing are the taskbar icons
as they are very small, but you learn what they are after a while.  To me
this is actually an upside, as this means the freaking windows toolbars take
up the least amount of realestate.

When I was looking around I couldn't find a demo of wuxga at 15.4 either.
What I did find was wsxga's, and when I looked at them I felt that I could
handle the smaller text on a crisper screen.  Also it just did not have
enough desktop and what was there was wasted too much on toolbars.  If I
were you I'd try opening ie on a 15.4 wsxga to see how small you can go on
text size (under view), and imagine it crisper.  Remember to lower the
brightness if you intend on using yours in battery mode so it will be more
comparable.  Not quite an apples to apples comparison but it might help.

BTW comparing it to an older (4-5 years) IBM A30 15"sxga @1024X768 I prefer
the wuxga.  That said, my eyes are getting colse to the "I need bifocals"
point so I may not be the best judge of what is readable :)

My 2 cents

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