WTD: LCD inverter for Toshiba Tecra 740cdt

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Need an invertor for the LCD on my Toshiba Tecra 740cdt or spares



Re: WTD: LCD inverter for Toshiba Tecra 740cdt

I have an incomplete but working 740CDT sitting here on the floor that I
want to sell cheap.  You can have it for $15, it's missing the battery,
hard drive, CD, but it does have a floppy drive and it's a complete,
working machine with a good XGA active matrix LCD screen and, obviously,
a working inverter.  Screen is exceptionally clear and bright, too.  The
problem is that I can ship it cheap ($10, but there is a 50% chance the
LCD arrives cracked) or I can ship it safe ($20, which is more than the
machine itself).  Or, if you really want, I can pull the inverter and
sell you just the inverter for the same $15 but shipped for $5.

Let me know if you are interested.

I MAY also have some spare inverters lying around in my Toshiba bone
pile.  Give me the exact inverter part numbers (any id you can get, or
even a photo if you can do that easily).

Barry Watzman

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