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I see so many posts about the Aspire one that have a black screen & are
unusable after such a short time.

Are these units defective ?

Also i hear they have a NOISY fan

I really like the specs better than the Dell Mini , but i'm afraid to buy
one after seeing soooooo many black screen posts.

Can anyone give me some good advise.

Does Acer know about this, & have a fix ?

Re: Would you recommend this

desgnr typed on Fri, 17 Oct 2008 10:01:03 -0400:
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I haven't heard that, nor have I ever owned an Acer. Although that wouldn't
surprise me. As both Acer and Dell had to come up with something really fast
to cash in on Asus success with their EeePC line. It is funny that many
experts believed their was no market to such machines. While Asus believed
otherwise and have sold millions of these things. I have 5 of them myself.

You mentioned both the Dell and the Acer, why not consider Asus? As only
Asus has the proven track record and both Dell and Acer has yet proved they
can come up with a reliable mini laptop yet.

Windows XP SP2 and Xandros Linux

Re: Would you recommend this

BillW50 wrote:
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I love my Dell C400 12" (circa 2003). Not having to lug a 15 pound
laptop every where I go is a godsend.

(1.3 P3, 1gb RAM, 60gb HD w/ XP ( I have a spare 60 GB w/ Ubuntu).
added a Linksys wireless G card which added tremendous range.


As a mobile field engineer I have no use for a cd/dvd drive. (Just
another fragile part to fail).

If you use Linux, there is absolutely no program I can think of that
isn't available via download.

The network path solution for Winblows apps can be troublesome for the
uninitiated, but is by no means insurmountable.

(formerly) Monsignor Boddom

Re: Would you recommend this

G.G. Willikers typed on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 23:11:45 -0400:
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I love my 2lbs Asus EeePCs too (all five of them).

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I can think of lots of missing software on the Linux side. Here are just
four examples that bug me.

1) No Yahoo webcam support (other IM webcam support too)

2) No blood glucose meter support.

3) No KW-TVUSB506RF-PRO TV tuner support.

4) No Yahoo VoIP phone support.

Worse, Linux support also depends on what style of Linux you are running.
Like for example, if you tell me of a nifty program that runs under Linux.
And me running Xandros Linux, odds are great that I won't be able to use it.

Some things I would like to see under Xandros Linux are:

1) See the battery state while it is charging.

2) Use higher screen resolutions and scroll around like Windows.

3) Real time antivirus scanner.

4) No spyware scanner

5) Better media performance. Can't use an external monitor set to 1280x1024
and watch a movie in full screen. The video can't keep up on the EeePC.
Windows XP on the same machine is flawless.

6) Monitor the CPU temperature.

And besides the top four Linux beefs above, I am sure there will be more. I
can see the attraction some has for Linux. But I don't see Linux as any
serious competitor towards general purpose computing. Microsoft has no
worries and more than 90% will still prefer Windows anyway for some time to

Gateway MX6124 - Windows XP SP2

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