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I have a weird problem with my Dell notebook.  It's a newer high
performance model.  Not sure of the model off hand.

Problem:  When I'm connected to my wireless network at home but not
logged into VPN, browsing folders and opening programs is very slow.
But when at work or logged into VPN on my home network, performance is

I'm no expert on networking, but I'm wondering if when I'm connected to
the network at home but not on VPN that it's trying to connect to my
work domain, given that I have mapped drives that are always mapped,
even at home.

Given: No spyware or viruses.  Good wireless net connection.

Hardware: DLink router and wireless net card (which I don't recommend).

Any help appreciated!


Re: Work Computer Slow at Home

Not enough information.

Give us a simple diagram of you going from where to where, what box to
what box, and what's in between.

Are you running anything else other than tcp/ip?

Re: Work Computer Slow at Home

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It could constantly be trying to authenticate to your work server.  That is
why when you VPN things work better.  It has authenticated.  Try logging
into the local machine when you get the login screen.  (Assuming you are
using Windows.)  Before that make sure you have a username and password set
up on the local machine.


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