wisdom or otherwise of CPU upgrade

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Hi folks .... my T41 has 1.6GHz Pemtium-M with 1MB L2 400MHz FSB
I can get a 1.6GHz Pemtium-M with 2MB L2 400MHz FSB very cheaply.

Just wondering about the benefits of upgrading it ...
I wouldn't bother swapping out a CPU for a 10-15-20% clock-speed hike,
but wondering if doubling the L2 cache might be worthwhile.
ATM I have 768MB main memory - thinking of upping it to 1.5GB ...
not really using using any heavyweight apps (although possible
Photoshop/audio editing), but might well want to futz
with e.g. virtual box, VMware type things ...

So - could anyone offer opinions on the benefit of upgrading the CPU for
the sake of L2 cache ? I'm not real keen on stripping down the laptop
unnecessarily ...


Re: wisdom or otherwise of CPU upgrade

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 04:52:42 +0100, Martin Slaney

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You wouldn't notice the difference in everyday tasks.  If you want to
crunch numbers, use a desktop.  You might upgrade ram, but even that
is probably proetty pointless because what you have is adequate for
most things.  If speed is your problem, buy a new faster laptop.

Re: wisdom or otherwise of CPU upgrade

Chris Hill wrote:
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Thats pretty much what I thought too.

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Well - its just that for a few months this T41 is going to be my only
machine (living overseas for a while) - so it'd nice to get it to a good
spec now ....
Thought I _might_ grab the 2MB L2 CPU while its available very cheaply,
but ... yeah - guess it'd be a very marginal improvement.

Thanks anyway ...

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