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This is not specifically a laptop problem but maybe someone can help.

My wireless system, after working well, suddenly went haywire. Here's the

My OS is Windows Vista. My server is Verizon DSL. My wireless router is a
Linksys. Thinking the router may have gone bad, I got the newest model of
Linksys, but the problem persists.

When I take the laptop in the car out into my neighborhood, I have no
trouble picking up unsecured wireless signals from various houses. But I
can't connect to the internet in my own house with the computer 10 feet away
from the modem and router.

I think I have pinned down the problem. When I open Network and Sharing
Center, it tells me my access is "local only." Those signals I can pick up
in the car show access as "Local and Internet."

Obviously what I need to do is get mine changed to "Local and Internet" but
I can't figure out how to do it.

Any help gratefully welcome.

Re: Wireless problem? ? ?

Disregard this message -- I fixed the problem by attaching the modem to the
router through a WAN port rather than a LAN port.

-- Ray

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Vista is telling you that you can connect to your router, but your
router is apparently not connecting properly to your ISP via DSL. Your
DSL is not configured properly or its not logging into your modem.

Re: Wireless problem? ? ?

Thanks John -- as you can see from my later message, I got the problem

Or partly solved, at least. I still can't get my wireless print server to
work. It was working fine before the recent break down. Now when I try to
use it, it tells me to "Please install necessary protocols for

I have no idea how to do this -- if you happen to know, just let me know.

This has been a very frustrating experience.

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Re: Wireless problem? ? ?

Ray wrote:
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One piece of advice when using Vista is to turn off the IPv6 protocol.
This applies mostly to mixed OS networks and one that include devices
that aren't IPv6 ready.

(formerly) Monsignor Boddom

Re: Wireless problem? ? ?

Thanks Reverend --

Can you tell me how to turn off the IPv6 protocol, in case this problem
arises again?

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