Wireless PCMCIA Internet Access

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I am trying to find out if Verizon and/or Cingular offer any sort of
security on their Internet Service.  I have spoke to several
representatives at each company and I get told that the connection is
secure but no one can tell me more than that.  If anyone knows how the
connection is encrypted I would appreciate it.

Re: Wireless PCMCIA Internet Access

The router is completely unsecuresd as it comes out of the box.

You can go to the manufacturers website and download the Users Manual, and
it will tell you how to secure your wireless access.  You can encrypt it,
change thesystem name and password for logging onto the router, change the
wireless name that is broadcast, set a password for connecting, set a MAC
filter, so that it will only allow specific machines to connect, and other


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Re: Wireless PCMCIA Internet Access

Mark G wrote:
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AFIK, all wireless cellular transmissions are digital, compressed, and
authenticated, if not actually encrypted.  OTOH, there is very little,
if anything, that can be done to intercept a digital cell transmission
by ordinary human beings.  The government can presumably intercept, but
  only if (heh!) there is a reason to target you.

Digital cellular transmission is not at all like ordinary analog
802.11-X used for normal broadband wireless. Cellular cannot be
intercepted by ordinary internet wireless users.  It can't happen since
cellular transmits on different frequencies, it is digitized, and
compressed - all according to the particular cell system scheme used
(TDMA, CDMA, GSM, etc.)  Your transmission is exactly like your voice
transmission on your cell phone.

Try posting to www.howardforums.com and there will likely be a real,
true-blue expert. I hope.


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